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Evo botanicals

About us

Christopher and I created EVO Botanicals after a meandering search for effective pain relief products. We knew that CBD was extremely effective, but because it is largely unregulated – the source, quality, and purity of the products was dubious at best. We set out to discover a more local source for hemp/CBD to learn more about the process. Lo and behold, not 5 miles down the road at our local farm where we get our own fresh groceries, they had just harvested their crop of beautiful, certified organic hemp and were wondering how best to use it! Kismet! A spark was ignited in us both and we began researching in earnest the benefits of cannabidiol, and beneficial herbal combinations. After months of research and formula development, EVO Botanicals was born!

We created a line of products that we ourselves wanted and soon discovered we weren’t alone. We’re incredibly proud of our product line and love hearing all of the great feedback from our customers. It’s important to us that these products really help you, whether you are hoping to ease pain, alleviate anxiety, or feel more confident in your skin.

– Jennifer Davis
Co-founder of EVO Botanicals

Our core values

What we really care about

EVO was based upon a dream of sustainability and putting our money where our mouth is. We wanted to come up with a farm to table product that we are proud of and have a hand in throughout the whole process – from growing (our hemp is grown 5 miles away and is certified organic by our partner farm) processing, research and development of our formulas, packaging, and marketing. We wanted to be the opposite of a white label company, putting our vision into each product. We want to grow the vision to include well paid employees who we can help elevate quality of life and trajectory as well as contribute in a tangible way in our community.

Our goal for our products is efficacy. They each do what we say they’ll do, and nearly all of our sales lead to repeat purchases. We know that we are a small operation now, but we believe that these products can really shine in the luxury skincare market.