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Skincare and Wellness

A Natural Approach to Skincare and Wellness

When it comes to skin health in today’s modern society, treating it from the outside isn’t enough; therefore, a holistic skin-care approach from the inside should be nurtured as well. Everything from the food we eat to the natural ingredients used combined with exercise and environmental stressors can impact our overall well-being and condition of having healthy skin.

The ideal holistic skincare routine covers both the inside and outside of the body. This approach may assist those living with premature aging symptoms such as fine lines, wrinkles, and skin issues. While lifestyle choices affect our self-care, true beauty starts on the inside and works its way out. Everything from collagen production, to free radicals, and blood sugar levels play a role in lasting beauty on the outside.

To discover more about a natural holistic approach to skin care and how CBD may reduce inflammation and other natural things like acne, stress, diet, sleep, and beauty, keep reading and learn how this key ingredient could impact how people choose their skincare products.

What is a Holistic Approach to Skincare?

A holistic view of skincare is a combined effort of both the inside and outside of the body. It generally starts with the moisturizer placed on the outside of our skin but what’s inside depends on more than just that. Since a healthy gut and skin cells go hand in hand, organic skin care typically starts inside of our bodies.

A solid holistic skin-care routine should be viewed as a whole rather than bits and pieces. The aging process and philosophy closely ties these parts together in an interdependent and interrelated balance. Meaning, healthy aging skin starts with good gut health with all of the inner and outer parts working in unison ensuring all parts work properly.

Proper skin health can mean something as simple as having a healthy living environment – this includes mental, emotional, and physical components of everyday life.

Pillars of Natural Holistic Skin Care?

In the simplest terms possible, holistic skincare can be referred to as whole body care. The mistake most people make is addressing skin issues independently. The skin is the largest organ of the human body and its issues are entrenched deep in the system. If a person is experiencing acne, the acne is a symptom of deeper-rooted issues.

A holistic skin-care routine will not only address acne but will try and resolve the cause. In most cases, skin-deep procedures may be needed to deal with some skin-related problems. The beauty of the holistic approach is that it does treat the condition at hand but also prevents the reoccurrence of a similar issue. Whole care also protects skin cells from other attacks in the future.

The following are the key pillars of holistic beauty care:

Find the Root Cause

Before treating any condition, it is important to start by investigating to find the root cause. Do not just rush to the store and pick beauty products without understanding why the condition has occurred. Visit skin experts and let a diagnosis be done to find out the root cause before treatment is administered.

Prevent Skin Conditions

Secondly, it is paramount to prevent skin conditions from happening. Prevention is always better than cure. Most skin conditions are experienced as a result of the environment, the foods we eat, and other lifestyle choices. Looking at lifestyle with beauty in mind can help prevent the majority of skin conditions.

Keep the Whole Body Healthy

The health of a person includes physical, mental, and emotional wellness. The glowing complexion of a person’s face is a reflection of what type of life they have chosen. To enjoy a smooth and beautiful glow, it’s important to take care of the entire system.

These three pillars should be at the center of any beauty routine a person takes. It goes without mentioning that the best type of routine is preventive. However, if there’s a need for treatment, the routine should also aim at restoring holistic wellness and not just resolving the problem at hand.

What is a Good Skin Health Care Routine?

Holistic skincare is not a one-day event. It is a culmination of small events that come together to improve a person’s overall beauty. In essence, a person may even miss visiting a doctor or a beauty parlor but still take care of their epidermis. This happens through day-to-day self-care activities. For instance, the foods eaten alone can play a role in the overall beauty of a person.

Bellow are key natural dieting guidelines for overall wellness care:

  • Several studies have found that dairy intake might lead to acne in some people. It is vital to monitor to see if acne has a similar effect at a personal level. If it does, avoiding dairy would result in less acne for life.
  • Studies have also linked some foods such as sugar, white bread, pasta, and processed foods to increased sebum production. More sebum often means worse acne, a situation that can be turned around by avoiding these dishes. Generally, foods that are associated with diabetes or blood sugar spikes may have a similar effect. Vegetables, nuts, and whole grains are recommended.
  • Eat meals rich in fiber as they help with digestion. Fiber-rich food has also been found vital in balancing blood sugar and may help with an outward glow. Some of the dishes rich in fiber are whole wheat pasta, flaxseeds, lentils, chia seeds, and beans.
  • Take more vitamins and monitor daily vitamin intake. The epidermis thrives on vitamins such as C and E. These vitamins help develop skin cells but also help fight infections and attacks on the skin. Natural foods or those cooked with natural ingredients are usually good sources.
  • Take antioxidants to help neutralize free radicals and reduce inflammation. Radicals are the main starting point for most conditions. To have healthier skin that is well balanced, start by consuming antioxidant-rich dishes such as green vegetables, tomatoes, berries, and beans.
  • Healthy fats are vital for healthy epidermis. Any person who wishes to have good skin must avoid high cholesterol fats and stick to good fats such as flaxseeds, walnuts, avocado, and olive oil.
  • The nutrients consumed are good but they are not enough. The essential food that every person must take for healthy skin is water. Drink plenty of water, even when it is cold. Water helps cleanse the body, improve blood flow and hydrate the surface layer.

These nutritional facts must be taken to heart by any person who wishes to enjoy good skin. The health of the epidermis is less about cosmetics and more about diet. So stop applying hyaluronic acid every time there is a rash and start using organic ingredients for overall health.

What Does Holistic Wellness Entail?

The environment where a person lives, the food they eat, and the activities they engage in are all part of whole skin beauty. Apart from the meals discussed above, there are other factors that should be looked at to help a person enjoy full health.

Below are the key factors that entail holistic skin beauty:

Sun Exposure and Environmental Pollutants

We live in cities where pollution can be quite overwhelming. Besides city pollution, the natural environment outside cities may also get harsh. Direct UV rays on the skin may cause cell damage affecting a person’s beauty. To avoid dry skin and damages, it’s recommended to wear sunscreen and use masks to protect the face from pollutants and UV rays.


The term pampering is used to describe many beauty procedures that seek to open pores, exfoliate skin and feed it with the right nutrients. Pampering procedures such as oil baths, steaming and massages are important for wellness. Massages enhance blood circulation and help ease muscle tension. Steaming and oil baths help exfoliate dead skins and open them up.

Watch Out for the Signs

Even with the utmost care, the skin may still get attacked by infections that need treatment. Being observant and constantly checking is the only way to ensure that any attacks are healthy before they spread. Thankfully, there are plenty of beauty products that can be used to improve a person’s well being.

Reduce Stress Levels

Believe it or not, stress affects overall skin wellness. Choose a lifestyle that reduces stress at all times. Being happy is a choice that can help improve overall health. Hormones such as cortisol which are associated with increased oil production increase when a person is stressed.

5 FAQs About Holistic Skincare

Plenty of questions abound about skin health. As already, mentioned above, skincare is a lifestyle and a process that looks at addressing various issues such as diet, workouts, and other things. In this section, we will answer some of the questions frequently asked about skin health.

Below are five questions commonly asked about holistic skincare.

1. Does Holistic Mean Natural?

The term holistic does not always mean natural but is strongly geared towards natural sources. Since it is a preventive approach to skin problems, holistic doctors try treating problems such as inflammation by recommending naturally occurring substances and diets.

2. What is a Holistic Diet?

When treating skin in a holistic manner, the focus is usually on diet, and lifestyle practices. For instance, the amount of sleep that one gets, age, and exercise is supposed to be balanced.

3. Are Holistic Doctors Real Doctors?

Holistic doctors may or may not be real doctors. Health and fitness doctors who understand essential aspects of body balance may choose to specialize in offering holistic guidance to those seeking to enjoy holistic beauty as they age.

4. Does Holistic Care Improve Skin Cells?

All the practices involved in holistic health such as dieting, exfoliation, and pampering must contribute to the overall beauty of the skin.

5. Is Holistic Approach Expensive?

Holistic beauty is the least expensive type of skin care. This is because it does not treat conditions but is preventive. Aspects such as sleep and exercise cost a lot less than medication and cosmetics.

The above questions sum up everything there is to know about holistic health care and skin care. They answer questions about the cosmetics used and routines involved in holistic skin treatment among many other things.

Why Choose Holistic Skin Treatment Procedures

At the end of the day, you have the freedom to stick with your usual skin procedures. Even so, the benefits of holistic skincare outweigh any other type of skin care procedure. Holistic care does not only protect the skin but also improves your overall health. Contact EVO Botanicals today for more information and get the best holistic CBD skin care products.

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